Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Kantor and Immerman's broad experience in the area of litigation allows it to efficiently and effectively handle disputes from the period before a law suit is filed until final disposition on appeal in all courts including Magistrates Court, Labour Court, Administrative Court, High Court and Supreme Court.


We recognise that alternative dispute resolution (ADR), yields substantial economic benefits to litigants within our legal system. We encourage our clients, wherever possible to seek to have their disputes resolved through mediation and arbitration. We aim to assist our clients to resolve their disputes in the most assertive, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The firm's litigation practice covers the full range of civil disputes arising in any of the firm's other areas of specialisation. This includes banking and other commercial sectors, commercial contracts, delict (torts), insurance, trade mark infringements, commercial and government contracts, employment law, challenging arbitrary administrative decisions such as deportations, environmental law investigations, refusals to grant licences under various pieces of legislation, enforcement of rent and other regulations.

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